Bhumi Pednekar: We have abused our planet

Bhumi Pednekar is not only a fantastic actress but also an environment enthusiast. On the occasion of World Environment Day, ETimes exclusively got in touch with the ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ actress where she talked about her #OneWishfortheEarth campaign and if as an actress there is a need to do more, speak up more often on environmental issues!

Here are the excerpts from the interview…

Bhumi growing up do you remember when did the awareness to do something for the environment and the world we live in seep into you? Can you share any anecdotes from your childhood that shaped your present awareness for environmental conservation?

I have been speaking about the global climate crisis for years now. But once I became an actor I realized that I can actually reach out to so many people. So, it was actually two years ago where I felt I really needed to do something regarding conserving our nature, speaking up and actually making a change.

Though this realization about being environmentally conscious has not come to me now or in the recent past. It was been a part of me since childhood. Since my childhood, I have seen so many climatic disasters – Tsunami or such disastrous earthquakes. During my school days, there were many such natural calamities happening across the globe which we were witness to and that is where I think I became conscious of climate change. I started asking the right questions and I think I was lucky that my parents had the right answers. So that’s where my journey started.
When I go back to my grandparent’s place, I used to (and still do) see them caring for nature, not wasting water or food. My naani used to segregate garbage when I was a child and I used to wonder why is she doing that and then I saw my mom doing that at home. And it’s only now that I realize the importance of it. I am really thankful for growing up in an environment where I have learnt to be compassionate towards mother nature.

How did you come up with the #OneWishfortheEarth campaign?

The world together for the first time is going through this singular experience. We all have had the time to step back and introspect that human beings are not invincible. We have really abused our planet and we are the ones to blame to have caused this environmental imbalance. This lockdown has seen the planet and our mother nature heal itself. Our carbon footprint has gone down, the air became cleaner and people are enjoying, appreciating all of this. People are more connected to what is happening around them. So, I just thought it was a great time to work on this idea when everyone is talking and thinking about mother nature. I am sure all of us agree that this pandemic has been a wake-up call for all of us. I reached out to all my friends in the industry and all of them agreed.

The horrible murder of the elephant in Kerala has created global outrage. Please share your thoughts and how do you think we can prevent such incidents in the future – would need your inputs for this

It’s really sad and heartbreaking. We are all creations of God – humans and animals. We cannot think we are greater than anything else living on this planet.

As actors you have the asset of perhaps the biggest platform to voice your opinion, do you feel as a fraternity there is a need to do more, speak up more often?

I absolutely agree with this and in fact, a lot of us are coming up and speaking about climate as an issue. We as a community do speak up, stand and come together for the right things and people look up to us. We have the ability to influence people We all need to realize there is no planet B. We as individuals can bring about small changes because of every drop matters.

If you go take a pledge on world environment day, what would it be

This is a tough one! I think the only way we can bring about a change in awareness and I that is something I will continue doing. I truly feel that we should start recycling plastic and get rid of single-use plastic completely. We also need to be compassionate, be kind to mother nature.

On the work front, the actress was last seen in ‘Bhoot: Part One: The Haunted Ship’ with Vicky Kaushal. The film was released in February this year.

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