Ensure all schools provide offline version of virtual classes, panel tells Kerala govt

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Child Rights’ protection panel has instructed the state government to ensure that all schools, including CBSE, ICSE, in the state provide to students the recorded version of classes live streamed as part of online education during this pandemic condition. The order, said the Kerala State commission for protection of child rights, was issued to ensure that students who lose live classes for one reason for other get the chance to compensate their loss. The commission said the government should instruct all schools to restrict the number of students participating in each live sessions and conduct classes on division basis.There were widespread complaints that a section of private schools was not making any arrangements for students to cope up with the loss of live streaming of online classes. Since power supply disruptions are rampant and seamless internet connectivity is still a pipped dream, many students were finding it difficult to get connected to live classes sans disruptions.

The commission member in his order said the instructions were binding to all educational institutions following all streams, including CBSE and ICSE and the state general education department should issue specific orders by clarifying the same separately.

Recorded classes would address the problems of students facing feeble internet connectivity. It would also help a lot the students who use the mobile device of their parents for accessing the classes. Since a whole lot of students attending the online classes are very young, they should not lose classes for connectivity or any other problems during the live class sessions, commission said. Recorded classes would help the children of parents who go out for their work during the class time and are not able to provide dedicated laptop or mobile devises to their children.

“The practice of including all students of a particular standard in a single session should be discouraged. Classes should be conducted division wise so that students would get more opportunities for interaction”, the order said. The online education system was introduced in Kerala in view of the challenges posed by Covid19 pandemic. When a system is newly introduced, it’s a must that difficulties faced by students should be addressed without fail, the
commission order said.

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