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Is work from home damaging you skin?

It is often said that things we love the most, hurt us the most. Well, we live in an era of digitalization, where artificial intelligence is often glorified and why not? Everything is just a click away. All the information about this world, shopping, latest movies and so on. Irrefutably, indulging in the digital technology has become a guilty pleasure for this generation and with stay at home under implementation due to the pandemic, the time we spend online has amplified profusely.

We are stuck to a screen inexorably; and this can have certain ramifications which remain oblivious to the people. If you thought the lockdown would at least give you a break from the scorching sun and the menacing UV rays. you are wrong. The time you’re investing with your digital friend could be damaging your skin without you knowing about it. We got in touch with Dr BL Jangid, Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, to throw some light on this silent enemy of the skin.

The sun’s rays and electronic gadgets emanate a blue light which can prove to be highly dangerous. Too much exposure to blue light promotes stressors in the skin, rendering signs of ageing to increase, it also causes pigmentation and acne. It also renders a myriad of consequences on your mental health, causing insomnia tops the list. Your favourite sleeping partner i.e. your phone could be snatching your beauty sleep and if you resort to using your phone when facing difficulty in sleeping, it could deteriorate the problem, making it even difficult for you to sleep no matter how fatigued you are.

The blue light exuding from the sun or from the debauchery of indulging in electronic gadgets can especially reverberate your face. It is a known fact that the skin of the face is the most sensitive. From accelerating pigmentation profusely to leaving your face bereft of any shine, the blue light can do it all. To protect yourself from it, Dr Jangid emphasizes upon using sunscreen even at home and re-applying it every three hours. Use a lip balm with SPF to keep your lips protected and moisturized. Wear 99%-100% UV absorption sunglasses every time you step out. It goes without saying that there is a dire need to cut down on the favourite peccadillo and spend some time offline.

Apart from that, ensure that you keep your phone in the night mode always, as it converts the blue light into the yellow light. It is soothing to the eyes and a lot better for your skin. Consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C as it helps fight against pigmentation to a great extent.

While the sun’s rays can be quite ravaging, we keep our phones, laptops, and macbooks closer. They are our partners in everything we do. While we can’t completely get rid of them, it’s important to be aware of the consequences and choose the amount we wish to spend with them wisely.

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